Repair Rates

Find out what the rates are in the area.  There are some reputable and cheap computer repair services and options.  I am always keeping my eye out for quality PC repair shops and technicians in the Delaware area that can help you out.

The recommended Newark Shop offers affordable service. 

Great rates and awesome customer service to go along with it.

Those that know me know that I only want to work with people that know how to treat their customers!  

Call on one of the recommended PC techs and repair shops here.

Or… you can pay my rates which are outlined below.  That is totally up to you!

Diagnose What’s Wrong –> ASK THEM! 

Pick-Up Deposit for PC Repair Services –>  $50.00

This deposit is required when your computer is picked up for diagnosis and service.  It is applied to the final bill/invoice for services provided.  In the event the work cannot be completed for whatever reason, the $50 deposit will be refunded along with the return of any equipment.

Virus Removal –> $120.00

  • Must consider the cost of  AntiVirus Software License if needed.
  • Scan for and remove viruses, repair and restore operating system, and install Antivirus program (License cost not included).

Data Recovery and Transfer –> $150.00-$300.00

  • Retrieve files from a hard drive that has not been physically damaged and transfer them to an outside media source. (External hard drive recommended for large quantities of data.)
  • Advanced data recovery on hard drives that have been reformatted or lost files due to virus damage. As long as the drive heads still spin it is possible to recover files.
  • No data/no charge

Operating System Repair, Install or Upgrade –> $120.00

  • Includes installation of all related drivers and applicable system service packs.

Laptop/Notebook Repairs –> $134.00

  • LCD replacement
  • Inverter replacement
  • Hinge replacement
  • Power jack repair
  • Anything involving dis-assembly down to motherboard.

PC Tune-Up –> $40.00

Custom Built Systems –> $200.00

Wireless Network Set-Up –>  $180.00

Minimum In-Home Visit Charge –>  $120.00

Payments Accepted –>  Cash or Credit Card.

*The above prices are provided as an example of charges you can expect when your system is picked up for service.

**Price estimates do not include parts or software licenses.